Vacation Rental Careers

How about an industry where Guests have a great vacation and property owners make money while professional managers handle all the details. There are job opportunities with management firms, suppliers, software and website publishers. Here is how you can get involved:

Vacation Rental Industry Association

This website is endorsed by the ( a not-for-profit trade association for owners, managers, suppliers and publishers working together to expand and improve the industry. Volunteer today for the Board or Committees; like technology, education, conferences and more. Plus writers and editors are needed for association and other websites.

Vacation Rental Multiple Listing Service

VRAI owns the world's first Multiple Listing Services ( and has endorsed Plumbob Publishing to develop and operate the service for its members. Unlike commercial websites and software, VRMLS offers an 'Open Submission' and 'Open Distribution' model.

Owners and managers may submit their properties to the central VRMLS database using software or direct entry. All Vacation Rental, Lodging and other website publishers are free to re-distribute from the database charging whatever fees they choose. VRAI and VRMLS do not compete or participate in rental or advertising fees. To submit or publish just join the Association and enroll in the VRMLS program.

Industry Editors

Using the Plumbob system, Website Editors are recruited to oversee content and listings for local, regional, countrywide and speciality vacation rental websites. Contact the VRAI office for more details.

Plumbob Publishing

Specializing in Lodging, hospitality and other creative services, Plumbob often has positions open in programming, project management, sales and administration. See for details.